So Wrong, It’s Right.

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A glorious fucking mess. Those are the first four words that come to mind when looking at Sean Norvet‘s work. Surrealistically grotesque and rich with cartoonish detail, Norvet’s pieces are an all out assault on perception and anatomical logic. Creating zany, cluttered environments and replacing facial features with food and other objects, his work falls somewhere between Dali and the Garbage Pail Kids. It is a welcomed chaos that is quite entertaining.

"Party Supplies." | Courtesy of Sean Novet.

“Party Supplies.” | Courtesy of Sean Norvet.

Norvet is a brilliant painter who addresses pop culture with Mad Magazine-like fervor. His combination of offbeat humor and hard hitting satire propels his work to exceptional heights. Norvet will be participating in a group show called The New Normal opening Saturday, November 16th at Cella Gallery in Hollywood, California.


"Arcade Face (Tilt)" | Courtesy of Sean Novet.

“Arcade Face (Tilt)” | Courtesy of Sean Norvet.

"7-11 Turkey Sandwich Mode." | Courtesy of Sean Novet.

“7-11 Turkey Sandwich Mode.” | Courtesy of Sean Norvet.

"Saturday Mornings." | Courtesy of Sean Novet.

“Saturday Mornings.” | Courtesy of Sean Norvet.

"Smelt it. Dealt it." | Courtesy of Sean Novet.

“Smelt it. Dealt it.” | Courtesy of Sean Norvet.


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