Dear Derrick |x| Poppington |x| .5kg.

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Curator and rhymesayer Dear Dear (Derrick B. Harden) recently released .5kg, a conceptual rap mixtape. Collaborating with Poppington, Dear Derrick follows up Born for Porn with another satirical offering that questions society and its methods. .5kg is a sociopolitical manifesto. Dear Derrick has a knack for balancing his nihilistic street smarts and sagacious prophetism and .5kg sees that knack turning into a God-like superpower. Download .5kg Mixtape.

“5kg takes jabs at the double standard of
mass media that leads to extreme measures within the American Dream and
leaves us believing that we are always only half way there.”

Courtesy of Poppington.

Courtesy of Poppington.

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