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Aside from the athleticism and skill, one thing that stands out about sports is the fashion. What the athletes are wearing seem to be just as important as their stat line–especially in today’s age of social media. But even before Twitter and Instagram, sports fashion took center stage right along with the commentators and the halftimes show. One of the more remembered trends were classic Starter Satin Jackets. 

Courtesy of Starter.

Courtesy of Starter.

Teaming up with Iconix, President of G-III Apparel Group and former NFL champ, Carl Banks, is leading the revival of once cherished outerwear. Making a triumph comeback during last month’s Super Bowl XLVII, the classic Satin Starter Jacket–simply known as the Starter–was once a fashion staple to be reckoned with. We caught up with Carl Banks got him talk shop about the classic Satin Starter Jacket.

On the significance of the Satin Starter Jacket:

“The Starter jacket is one of the most iconic team apparel items in the history of fan wear and has served as a staple of pride for countless fans. Starter not only was one of the first brands to bring sports apparel into the world of mainstream fashion and pop-culture but also paved the way for other companies that followed suit providing the base for what is now a massive consumer market.”

Courtesy of Starter.

Courtesy of Starter.

 On the revival of the NFL Satin Starter Jacket:

“The Starter Jackets represent a significant piece of sports history and history has a way of repeating itself. We wanted to revive them for the longtime fans who associate these jackets with some of their best memories as well as appeal to the younger generation of fans who will create new ones. Fashion items that peaked in the 80’s and 90’s are now becoming a key trend for today’s consumers and we could not be more excited to bring back this nostalgic icon of sports apparel with a modern day twist.”

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