Wood Tapping.

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Technology never ceases to amaze us. Finally a product has come along that combines the staying power of Nature and the wonders of modern technology: the Orée Wooden keyboard. Made from a solid piece of either Maple or Walnut (your choice), the Orée keyboard is a handmade, customizable, wireless, and portable keyboard that is compatible with any device that has Bluetooth… whether a smartphone, tablet, or desktop.

Click to purchase. (Courtesy of Oree.)

Based in France, Orée is a small company with big ideas. They have managed to combine the art of woodworking with practical technology to create a reasonably priced marvel of human creation.

Click to Purchase. (Courtesy of Oree.)

The human imagination is a thing of beauty… and so is this keyboards! To learn more about Orée’s mission and history, or to purchase one of these fine objects, please check out their very engaging and easy to navigate website. Click →here.←

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