Happy 20th Cartoon Network!

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When you were growing up, were you a fan of Looney Tunes? How about Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends? Did you admire Courage the Cowardly Dog’s loyalty in the face of implausible horror? Laugh at Johnny Bravo’s oblivious posturing while secretly kind of envying his persistence? Did you know Dexter’s pain as he built his massive hidden laboratory? How it felt to build beautiful secret things of your own that not everyone would understand?

Courtesy of Cartoon Network.

Have you ever thought how Samurai Jack slicing through zombies doesn’t really get old at age twenty three? Or ever wondered if Adventure Time would be better or worse if you inhaled the right thing and it started making sense? Ever suspected, even though you tell everyone Mary Wollstonecraft turned you into a feminist, that it was actually the Powerpuff Girls that did it?

Courtesy of Cartoon Network.

If the answer to any or all of the above is “Yes”, then I highly recommend you watch this Cartoon Network video retrospective celebrating the channel’s 20th year. If your answer to all of the above questions is “No”, then you should watch it anyway ‘cause it’s kind of awesome and trippy and gorgeous. Really, only emotionless robots shouldn’t watch this video. Unless they want to understand that thing humans call Love.

Written by Raj Gopal.↓

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  1. For the first few years of Cartoon Network’s existence, programming meant for Cartoon Network would also be simulcast on TBS and/or TNT in order to increase the shows’ (and Cartoon Network’s) exposure; examples include The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest, Cartoon Planet, and 2 Stupid Dogs.,

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