World Premier: New Music | “Nothing” | Kendra Morris

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Enveloped by oblivion, Kendra Morris, uses a psychedelic  vocal dexterity to smoothly deliver her latest single, “Nothing.” Undulating and raw, sheer emotional introspection is expressed. This Papi Records gem showcases a rancorous bass which battles both angry drums and slithering keys. Together harmony is achieved.

Of the track, Kendra shares a matter-of-fact sentiment, “Nothing” is about nothing. It’s about the warm comfort of lying in nothingness. Yet, there is always a sneaking, dangerous current just beyond reach.” She candidly confesses, “I’ve had ups and downs in my head and when I wrote this, I was thinking about that feeling and the places it has taken me. I’ve been in those depths before and all I wanted to do was just hide under the covers, sleep, be nowhere, feel nothing and it would be so welcoming.”

“It’s like a warm bath but then you realize you’re in what could become this scary place. And as soon as you realize it overtakes you and you start to drown in it,” texture emphasizes her truth. KM then insists,

“You try to fight it and that’s when it gets harder to grasp anything that can still keep you from sinking completely. Then as soon as you let go and don’t fight, there you are just floating in the nothing again. And it’s that warm comfort to just be there.”

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