Myles Hendrik: Dreams Of LA Photographs

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Artist & Poet
Myles Hendrik
“Dreams Of L.A. Photographs
Maxfield Gallery, LA.

Myles Hendrik is arguably one of the most sought-after DJ’s in the world. Counting the likes of Rihanna, Leonardo DiCaprio, Johnny Depp, The Weeknd, Mark Ronson, and Kendrick Lamar as some of his frequent and devoted collaborators, this in-demand man about town is also credited with being the music man behind the mixing boards of some of the world’s biggest and celebrity-packed parties & events (Vogue, U2, W Magazine), successfully ensuring that every patron has had their sufficient fill of sweaty dancing.

Yet, underneath the flashing club lights, dark sunglasses, and party boy façade is a thoughtful, complex, and inquisitive artist and learned poet who has been studying and acuminating that craft for far longer than his current existence as the ultimate dance monger. In fact, Hendrik has been a virtuosic and imaginative documentarian of pictures for well over fifteen years, transferring his experience as a writer and poet into journaling his many travels and encounter’s through deeply descriptive and sometimes subliminal snapshots of people, places, and things.

Myles Hendrik, “Rare Relief”

Some of these lyrical images, which illustrate non-confrontational depictions of street culture as well as people, have come together to form his now first solo exhibition, Dreams of L.A. Photographs.

Myles Hendrik, “Pretty In Pink”

Myles Hendrik, “Can’t Pray It Away”

Myles Hendrik, “Bunny Hop”

Myles Hendrik, “99 Reasons”

Myles Hendrik, “J-Save”

Myles Hendrik, “4 Point”

Myles Hendrik, “Zoe”

Myles Hendrik, “Nude”

Curated by Holly Purcell, owner and founder of FF-1051 Gallery (and one of L.A.’s leading female gallerist’s), and presented in collaboration with Maxfield Gallery L.A. – where the exhibition is currently housed – Hendrik’s intimate and discerning photographs characterize the man behind the lens as a thoughtful, spontaneous, and keen observer, gleaning from his subject’s a deeper, more intricate storyline, filled with cracks and patches, yet always maintaining a strength not simply visible to the untrained eye.  With his pocket35 camera, Hendrik has managed to capture his lurid journey thus far as a man of the world, by spotlighting images that can at first seem idle and of no serious thought; yet when deciphered and excavated, reveal a layered and immensely descriptive narrative.

by guest contributor, Terry Doe

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