In Audiorotic by Niki Gatewood

Marla Mase, known to her supporters for her theatrical, power pop crooning, preps for the release of her upcoming album, Miracles ~ Lost & FoundThroughout this fifth album, it’s apparent that Marla has a Broadway background.

An emphatic guitar strives to enliven, “The Truth Comes Down.” Pretentious introspection condemns “Falling Sideways.” Finally, the authentic appeal of “Dreamland,” pushes the listener to invest more attention to MM’s artistry.

Too bad, “A Gun,” is an assault upon the listener. Its credibility is instantly questioned. “Hold You,” and “Always” both struggle to establish creative integrity. A few tracks even out the monotony of Miracles ~ Lost & Found. Almost familiar, “56 Trees,” could be the theme song to a ’70’s sitcom. Surprisingly, it works well.

A couple of jazzy tunes uplift this overwhelmly bland effort. Both “Back To The Beginning 1” and “Back To The Beginning 2” saves the album from an afflicted existence. Oppressed by an overused delivery and lack of inflection makes listening a chore.

Listen at your own risk.

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