Minimalist Mod.

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Chair from the RISING line by Robert van Embricqs.

Robert van Embricqs designs his furniture with an organic and additive-free mind. Without adding any bells or whistles, his pieces are the epitome of minimalist functionality; the simplicity of it is its crowning glory.

Seat from RISING line by Robert van Embricqs.

Seat (view 2) by Robert van Embricqs.

Embricqs finds inspiration in nature, focusing in on plant and bone structures. Geometric shapes also serve as Embricqs’ blueprint, adding a more organized and clear structure to his products:

“[Cell] construction naturally arises for the assumed function in which a certain logic in the design is given. Making incisions in the model gives the material the freedom to form and function when this model is taken up. Each incision in the material is part of the whole.” – Robert van Embricqs.

Table from the RISING line by Robert van Embricqs.


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