Boys Will Be Boys.

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“Cotton Head”. (Courtesy of Xhxix.)

Xhxix’s work is a little grotesque but it has a soft dreamy quality to it that cushions its harsh entry. The Japanese artist’s pieces feed on abstract gore and strives on trailer parkesque banality.

Courtesy of Xhxix.

Courtesy of Xhxix.

We had a digital sit down with Xhxix and asked him one of our usual questions — along with a very important one submitted by a reader. Again, a language barrier was present but he answered our questions to the best of his ability.

On his inspiration:

“The root of my inspiration is my envy, maybe. The reason why I began to make images is [because] I envied many great works of many artists.”

You use a lot of male subjects in your pieces, why?:

“Even I don’t understand why I paint only boys. I haven’t [gotten the urge] to use girls from the first. Probably I don’t like [the lack of] strength and the beauty of the woman.”


Courtesy of Xhxix.

Courtesy of Xhxix.

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