Milano Fashion Week 2014. | Day 4.

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↓ Day 4. ↓



Flash Back.


I was four when I first dreamed about becoming a fashion designer. My mom was the kind of woman who knows everything about aesthetic—matching colours and patterns. I remember helping her hanging clothes after doing the laundry, dancing between clean-ivory bedsheets and listening to her tips about balance and taste.


Today I was taking pictures outside Armani’s and Cavalli’s event and my mind drifted into a sea of memories…the lens of the camera focused on endearing details that reminded me of my mum.


My mum has always inspired me. For me, she was the epitome of perfection and style. The glamorous way she wore simple and linear one-pieces, matching crazy bags and heels, was my first inspiration. It’s the reason why I had such a strong desire to be a designer. I wanted to create something new for her everyday.


I guess this is the feeling that rest within every fashion lover, especially designers . I feel like everyone who desires to create new collections is/was inspired by someone iconic. Similar to the way I was, and still am, inspired by my mum.


In my mind, Roberto Cavalli has a strong “musa.” She’s a metropolitan woman, a female version of a tiger. Armani’s “musa” is a classy lady who is obsessed with black and white photography.


I don’t remember what or who introduced me to this writing world, blurring the image of myself, in a future, as a designer. Maybe her again, my mother, the woman who never goes to sleep before reading a good poem of Alda Merini.


Going back to reality,


Thank you for everything.




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