Milano Fashion Week 2014. | Day 2.

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†Day 2†


Today in the city there is an electric vibe.


My black agenda book is full and I’m wearing comfortable shoes that match my favorite leather jacket–feeling like Kate Moss in London, in the 90’s where leather jackets were a must.


For today’s adventure I decided to play some good music (usually something strong, something hood) just to keep in step with the rhythm at Emporio Armani’s show.


When I get there the dark-silvery environment—full of glamour—announces itself, breaking the monotony of everyday. I’m listening to The Smiths and The White Stripes, jumping here, taking pictures there. Nobody can stop the flow today.

Don’t stop the music, don’t stop the fun.


People are buzzing all over like bees, looking for the best moment to capture; picking the right outfits as a bee would pick a flower in a field.


Fendi, instead sounds like “Blondie”, and my “heart of glass” breaks for the amazement that this collection transmits. Everybody is dancing and moving as if they are guided by my music.


Some rain drops and the situation becomes hectic. But my playlist is pushing.


Prada. Here I am. I’ve walked more than 25 miles today but you never let me down. Scrolling up and down my playlist, I keep thinking. I’m feeling this sensation in my stomach. I need something.


I need some… candy! “I Want Candy”! So, Aaron Carter plays in my ears–let’s rock.


Pop colors, fancy hats, bags, kicks and heels.


Today, I can’t stop.


The Smiths | “There is A Light That Never Goes out”

The White Stripes | “Seven Nation Army”

Blondie | “Heart Of Glass”

Aaron Carter | “I Want Candy”

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