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Courtesy of Mickey Factz.

Courtesy of Mickey Factz.

Today is Malcolm X’s birthday and we cannot stop playing this new tune by Mickey Factz. “Detroit Red,” produced by Aleem Bilal, has been out for a few days now, calling attention to the bornday of one of Civil Rights’ most revered leaders.

Factz, who is fresh from a self exile, stacks audio-biographical bar upon audio-biographical bar, walking us through the life of the late El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz with a cleverly laid series of true-to-life verses–Alex Haley would be proud.

For the Bronx born Factz, conceptual pieces like “Detroit Red” are his strong suit and contribute to a signature style that we have grown to love ever since he was featured as a XXL Freshman. The song is a leak from Factz’s upcoming project, 740 Park Avenue.

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