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Quiet Lunch visited Rafael Colon’s ‘Masterpieces’ on Skateboards show at Art on A Gallery this week. A New York native and former Marine, Rafael Colon breaths new life into the Old Masters.  Famous works by Michaelangelo, Edgar Degas, Gustav Klimt, and Vincent Van Gogh to name but a  few, are painted by Mr. Colon on wooden skateboards. But if you look too quickly, you’ll miss some of the true skill of this master craftsman who —perhaps with his Marine Corps issued fighting knife— etches into the wood the lineations of the selected ‘masterpieces’ and does so with the same precision and expertise as Durer and the Japanese woodblock carver, Ukiyo-e, he emulates. But Colon is no mere copyist; he is more like a jazzman that reinterprets song, the sort capable of bringing a fresh approach and perspective to well-worn classics. The show is up until April 12th. Go see it!

The artist Rafael Colon

Word has it Tony Hawk bought a few of Rafael Colon’s ‘Masterpieces’.

The Gardner family enjoying a master class with the artist.

The Rafael Colon ‘Masterpieces’ collection.

Lenore Grossman with the artist.

Packed house at the opening of Rafael Colon’s ‘Masterpieces’ On Skateboards show.

The Gardner family enjoying a master class with the artist.

Admiring the boards at Art on A Gallery, East Village.

The Rafael Colon crew- Erin Colon, Evelyn Rodriguez and Taji

Photos by Sher Muhammad

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