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Quiet Lunch hit the Hamptons this week for the season’s much anticipated and lauded exhibition series, East End Collected, curated by renowned painter, Paton Miller. This, the fourth incarnation of EEC, opened to a full house at the Southampton Arts Center on Jobs Lane and former home to the Parrish Art Museum. The exhibition reflects on Mr. Miller’s vision of the Hamptons as the quintessential locale for the artistic spirit to thrive. With sunlight on Long Island’s South Fork mimicking that in the South of France, its easy to see why countless artists —from William Merrit Chase to Julian Schnabel— have set-up shop here. And with people like Paton Miller —truly a painter’s-painter— who plays the artist-as-curator role flawlessly as well as an area ripe with collectors, makes for two of the three key ingredients for an art scene to thrive. The following 30 artists give ample proof to the third: Mary Abbott, Mike Ahearn, Hal Buckner, Perry Burns, Dana Little Brown, Eteri Chkadva, Bonnie Cohen, Andrea Cote, Pierre Cote, Gregory de la Haba, James DeMartis, Ellen Frank, Libby Geisler, Kimberly Goff, Elaine Grove, Michael Ferran, Sophie Howell, Steve Loschen, Kenny Mann, Mary Mattingly, Lindsay Morris, Roy Nicholson, Shimon Okshteyn, Mickey Paraskevas, Julia Scheuer, Kerry Sharkey-Miller, Liz Sloan, Neal Thomason, Abigail Vogel and Dan Welden.

Mark Seidenfeld & Paton Miller

Eteri & Gocha Chikadua

East End Collected 4 (work by Eteri & Gocha Chikadua)

Mary Abbot

Kimberly Goff

Artist Ellen Frank

Dana Little Brown

Artist Shimon Okshteyn

Carlos Sarah Altagracia

Photographer Bryan Thatcher, Gregory de la Haba and Billy The Artist

Gary O’Reilly & Helen Matsos

Daphney Reed taking a call.

Christian Di Lalla, Sharon Cardel & Craig Mowry

Jakob Shoenbaum

Michael “Mickey” Paraskevas with his posse sister-in-law, Lianne, mother-in-law, Patricia and wife Maria

Michael Ferran

Peter Kirwin

Paul Vogel

Charles Waller

Andrea Greevon, Alexandra Scott-Dopuzet, Margot Scherrer, Shimon Okshteyn & Carole Reed

Elizabeth Geisler

Darius Yektai & Ned Smyth

Gallerist & surfer Tripoil “Trip” Patterson

Amky Kirwin & Scott Kampf

Fairley Pilaro and friends

Jopn Selman, Charlotte Lucas & Andrew Pilaro

Laurie Lambrecht & Amy Kirwin

Marianne Horwath, Michael Sheen & Mary Slatter

Molly & Sylvia Channing

Owain Hugh & Doncan Haile

Photos by Daniel Gonzalez for Quiet Lunch


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