A Much Needed Dinner Out. | Marcos Amaro at SCOPE Miami 2016.

In The Menu, Visual Arts by Akeem K. Duncan.

This year’s trip to Art Basel Miami was a tad different from the last time we ventured down to Florida. With all that’s been going on at our headquarters in the Flatiron District, we had to cut our trip to Miami short this year but we still managed to check out some of our favorite artists and gallerists during our stay. While in the process of visiting Joseph Gross Gallery at SCOPE Miami, we were pleasantly surprised by Marcos Amaro‘s “Dinner Out”—a sprawling installation hosted by the Brazil-based Andrea Rehder Arte Contemporânea.


Amaro, who was in Brazil and now splits his time between his home country and Miami, often incorporates industrial materials in his works. Coincidentally, Amaro’s father was a pilot and owner of TAM airlines, so there also an emotional connection to the materials being used. We were also delighted to discovered that he is a member of the Latin American Academy of Arts and founded Fundação Marcos Amaro, helping artists to find their identity and promoting the work of emerging Brazilian talent.

Out of all the amazing pieces we saw at Basel, Amaro’s “Dinner Out” is the most memorable—a intriguing juxtapositional display of deconstructionism and opulence.