In Audiorotic by Niki Gatewood

Come hither if you dare! The fourth installment from no:carrier is here. Broken Rainbow, demonstrates how a once ’90’s Germanic duo, has grown to a contemporary Cali quintet.

The Pop band incorporates shades of the Noire, Electro, and Synth. This is perfecly demonstrated on the LP’s opening, “Broken Rainbow.” Here, a compelling welcome is extended for one to embrace his visceral desires. Stripped keys being stabbed by a rotund voice emphasizes the appeal of “Your Heroin.”

Aside from instances of being too pretentious like “Holy Judas,” or too indulgent like “When The Rain Falls,” no:carrier does well to stay in their lane. Although a valiant effort was given, the “Bad Moon Rising” cover does not possess a glimpse of CCR’s original magic.

Listen and learn more about no:carrier.


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