Maarten Baas. | Smoke.

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Implementing what looks to be the shou sugi ban method, Maarten Baas‘ Smoke certainly survives the fire. Each piece, having been previously set ablaze, possess a resilient allure. The concept almost relates to the human condition, even through the fire these articles furniture still maintain their functionality… as do we.

Baas explains the process:

“Pieces of furniture are literally burned, after which they are preserved in a clear epoxy coating. Except for three baroque  products, which are reproduced by the Dutch label Moooi, all Smoke products come from the Baas & den Herder studio in The Netherlands.”

– Maarten Baas.

The Smoke collection includes a chandelier, armchairs, and other specialty. Shop the collection at Moooi.

Photos Courtesy of Maarten Baas.


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