Latex. | Marc Tule.

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Marc Tule‘s Latex is a fine example of conceptual irony. In his statement, Tule explained that he was relinquishing his quest for perfection but Latex is about as perfect as one can get. The series has a flawless aesthetic that cleverly distances itself from its audience. This distance allows viewers to absorb every rubber covered detail.

Quiet_Lunch_Magazine_MT_Latex_Bananas_R1_SSP Quiet_Lunch_Magazine_MT_Latex_Tie_R4_SSP Quiet_Lunch_Magazine_MT_Latex_Slinky_R2_SSP Quiet_Lunch_Magazine_MT_Latex_RubberDuck_R1_SSP Quiet_Lunch_Magazine_MT_Latex_Grenade_R1_SSP Quiet_Lunch_Magazine_MT_Latex_Cole_Han_Shoes_Crop_SSP Quiet_Lunch_Magazine_MT_Latex_Chrome_Matchbox_Car_SSP Quiet_Lunch_Magazine_MT_Latex_Bronze_Goggles_R2_SSP Quiet_Lunch_Magazine_MT_Latex_Bronze_Boot_R2_SSP Quiet_Lunch_Magazine_MT_Latex_Blue_Snake_01_R1_SSP Quiet_Lunch_Magazine_MT_Latex_Blue_Purse_R1_SSP

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