K.I.S.S. It.

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An artist can either H.U.M.P. (Hawk Unnecessary Magic & Prettiness) or K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid). Photographer Andrew B. Myers is a K.I.S.S.er — and a good one at that.

“The House That Nightmares Built”. (Courtesy of Andrew B. Meyers.)

Myers is a complex minimalist; an awesome oxymoron existing in human form. His work is a pure stream of conscious made golden by a endearingly sarcastic sense of humor.

Myers is a suave court jester who never reveals his punchlines too soon. Playing off of  pop cynicism and playful innovation, Myers’ work refreshes our appreciation for photography by simply going back to the basic. He leaves just you, the photo and its main idea stark naked in a room with no windows and what ensues is a comfortable menage that leaves the audience enriched and satisfied. Feel free to have a cigarette afterwards.

“Bernoulli’s Principle”. (Courtesy Andrew B. Myers.)

“Fast Times at Ridgemont High”. (Courtesy of Andrew B. Myers.)

“Mushroom Kingdom”. (Courtesy of Andrew B. Myers.)

“Your Turn”. (Courtesy of Andrew B. Myers.)

“Good Wholesome Fun”. (Courtesy of Andrew B. Myers.)

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