Attack of the Brandals.

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While everyone is wearing hats that are telling you to OBEY, the Brandalism project is going in the complete opposite direction. The collective of artist to the streets at night — and even in broad daylight — with a mission that involves satire, social commentary and outright “insubordination.”

“Love to disobey and disobey to love.”

Install in Bristol by Ron English (US). (Photo Courtesy of Brandalism.)

Install in East Manchester by Paul Insect (UK). (Photo Courtesy of Brandalism.)

The Brandalism movement is blatant Banksyesque attempt to awake the masses from their slumber. Committing this feat right under our noses, the Brandalism movement takes inspiration from street art and Dadaism.

Install in Primary School, Manchester by Bill Posters (UK). (Photo Courtesy of Brandalism.)

Install in Bristol by Robert Montgomerry (UK). (Photo Courtesy of Brandalism.)

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