Julia Sinelnikova Opens Ice Pores at Lazy Susan

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Multifaceted artist Julia Sinelnikova recently debuted a brand new solo exhibition at Lazy Susan Gallery in the Lower East Side. Appropriately titled Ice Pores, the sculpture heavy exhibition is based around a new iteration of her celebrated “Fairy Organs” series and also builds on ideas from a previous solo exhibition, Organ Farm, which took place earlier last year.

Per usual, Sinelnikova did not disappoint. She has a way of immersing her audience and this knack for captivation has become her signature. From the outside looking in, Ice Pores resembled a portal. Sinelnikova fully transformed the cozy gallery into a sculptural wonderland. Stray fragments of light blissfully sprinkled the attendees as they observed and conversed over the work. Each piece seemed to be performing its own unique midair pirouette. When asked about the core inspiration behind the exhibition, Sinelnikova had this to share:

My hand-cut light sculptures, the Fairy Organs, draw on the myth of the fairies and today’s malleability of human appearance in both physical form and online. These creatures come from my upbringing in Russia, where I was exposed to fables describing fairies as both benevolent, and manipulative. Living in a world controlled by technology, I utilize transparent sculptural elements and light play as a metaphor—intangible structures controlling physical space, just as digital functions control human life.

– Julia Sinelnikova

As we look out into the new year, we must hold artists (and galleries) to a higher standard. No longer do we want to just mill around the gallery with one hand behind our backs and the other clasped against our chin whilst pretending to be enthralled. Today’s art enthusiast is looking for a vibe, a feel. Sinelnikova’s Ice Pores, and her work in general has just that.

When you walk into Ice Pores, it reminds you of why you go to art exhibitions in the first place. You want to be moved. You want to be captured, held hostage then dropped off in an unrecognizable place that sooner or later starts to feel familiar. Accompanied by a performance featuring Cornelia Singer a.k.a. Furby Queen, the audience found themselves transfixed–not sure of exactly what was happening but fully aware of the magic taking place. If you missed the exhibition, below is a video recap shot by Errol Basdeo with editing and music by Sinelnikova. 

Simply put, Sinelnikova’s exhibitions are the type of exhibitions where you have to be there. She adds a certain sense of urgency proving that art is not something you can merely read about even through the most thought out recap–you must experience it in real time. In our book, Ice Pores made Sinelnikova an artist to watch during 2019; and with more interesting projects on the horizon, including a highly anticipated installation at Harvestworks, she intends to prove us right.

Julia Sinelnikova is represented by Cement Gallery and Wallplay NYC. If you would like to purchase works by Julia Sinelnikova CLICK HERE.

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