The Bada$$ Strikes Back.

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As all the hoopla over Kendrick Lamar’s verse on “Control” dies down, Pro Era general Joey Bada$$ finally responds with “Killuminati Pt. 2”. The Knxwledge produced track features aggravated Joey laying into Kendrick with the first verse:

“We drowning out Atlantis can’t overflow beast coast/
Be more specific next time you shoutin’ out, a-mi-go/
I am not the star? In fact I’m planet awe/
Fuck what the media write, bitch this is a fire bar/
Please don’t leave your comment if you are not up to par/
No names, putting you in a verse that’s too far/
Your mundane can’t obtain, the knowledge of my brain/
My set told me light you up so this that propane/
It’s Nathan all I gotta do is just spit a flame/
No escaping, you in a swimming pool of champagne/
You set yourself up for that one, mane/
The king of New York?/
Ha! we ain’t just gon’ let that one hang!”

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