It’s a Cat, It’s a Helicopter, No, It’s an Orvillecopter.

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The death of pet can be a traumatic experience but Dutch artist Bart Jansen has found a way to transform his traumatic into feline based gadgetry.

As a way of paying homage to his deceased cat — who was killed by a car — Jansen had the animal stuffed and, with the help of radio control helicopter expert Arjen Beltman, reincarnated as a remote controlled helicopter.

Photo Courtesy of NY Daily News.

Photo Courtesy of NY Daily News.


Dubbed the “Orvillecopter”, the cat turned flying contraption made its debut this past Saturday at the Kunstrai art festival in Amsterdam. The Orvillecopter, made using a Lotus T580 and named after the famous Orville Wright, doesn’t fly quite right yet but Jansen hopes to improve upon its functioning in the near future.

For those of you who are perceiving Jansen an insensitive jackass, there was a period of mourning before the Orvillecopter project got underway. For those of you who are more interest in seeing this cool catcopter in action, see the following video below of the Orvillecopter’s first flight:

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