Music Review. | In The Blink of a Life. | April Martin.

In Audiorotic by Niki Gatewood

The November ’16 release of In the Blink of a Lifeis the awaited sophomore follow-up to April Martin’s 2010 musical debut. Comfortably established in New York City as a desired clinical psychologist, Dr. Martin maintains a yearning to creatively share her soul. Perhaps with more practice and time, April’s music will be as personally and financially rewarding as her sojourns into the mind.

It is immediately apparent that Martin is an artistic novice. Opening with “One Breath,” one is left wondering if the sickening sweet Kindergarten teacher should leave the vocal booth and reenter the classroom. Followed by “Heart Break Doesn’t Come,” and “My Rock and My Rain,” the listener undoubtedly questions both the tracklisting and Martin’s mental stability.

Luckily, “While I’m Waiting” does give a brief reprieve from the erratic and often hollow songs like, “Looking Back,” and “Would You Let Me In.” Although hints of written lyric ability are experienced on “Looking Back,” its boring vocal delivery blemishes any  sustained audible enjoyment. Both “Everyday I Love You More,” and “Would You Let Me In” are skip material.

Be on guard, again that psychedelic Kindergarten teacher reappears on “Sara’s Lullaby,” — poor child. After “All I Got” finally ends, a miracle happens, “One Part Truth” attempts to salvage the album. Overall, its easiness and catchiness gives an appreciative departure from the dreadful LP.

A couple of upbeat, Bluegrass and Folk-tilting tunes, almost revive this effort. “The Party’s In Full Swing,” is the best track! Somehow this Grim Reaper tale is cheery. Its blunt lyricism may even evoke a delicious chuckle. Also, the quirky wordplay of “Life Is Good” works well.

Ending with the indifferent, “Praise The Morning,” Martin manages to emphasize that after much needed polishing her musical artistry may actually become good. If you dare, press play.

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