Everything Continues. . . | Five Myles.

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Four sculptures made of hundreds of hand-cut, small glass bricks are part of this group show. These bricks are build up into shapes and forms denoting danger through spiky edges and fragility. The artist has cut each glass brick by hand in her studio, and each brick stands as a memorial for a victim of violence and war in our present day world; displayed and killed human beings, who, like all war victims will be forgotten and added to a number in the statistics as the necessary price paid for war.

These sculptures were made by Susan Hackett, an unrecognized older artist from Connecticut. Also on view are prints by Sarah Crofts showing the phenomenally complicated and voluminous data needed to create a simple selfie. The illegible data in the artist’s hands have become formal drawings. Kerwin Williamson experiences with new ways of looking at photography; Francks Deceus exhibits one of his strongest signature paintings of masses of human beings on the move, and Mexican/American artist Monica Palma, through her paintings, expresses the futility of keeping ancient sites in Columbia revered due to a massive tourist industry.

Everything Continues. . . 
FIVE MYLES |  558 St Johns Place, Brooklyn NY 11238
Jan. 14 – Feb. 19, 2017
Artist Talk: Feb 12, 4-6pm