New Music. | Ostrich. | Dear Derrick.

In Audiorotic by Niki Gatewood

Exhausted by the laissez-faire notion of “art for art’s sake,” Dear Derrick yearns to reinvigorate Art’s integrity. The Brooklyn native, has cultivated a creative cache of expertise. It ranged from curating New York City’s premier art galleries, conceiving ingenious visual marketing campaigns for various coveted brands, and serving as an adept PR professional for the legendary Wu Wear.

Circumventing convention, the eighth grade education of Derrick B. Harden motivates his aptitude. He willingly absorbs information and creativity in all its forms. In addition to being a respected art curator, DD also garners respect for his acting directing, writing and rapping.

“To me, the art world is a curious conversation, rather than a statement of authority. For me, street culture is a continuous conversation, a reality with supreme authority,” he asserts. On “Ostrich” from his recent EP, More Reality Less Art, that conversation continues. The Bfury / Reel Teem Films visual, invites the audience to a look behind the curtain. It captures both candid and visceral expression. All that escapism mess is not needed. Show support and press play.