Iconophilia at The Lodge Gallery. | Peter Daverington.

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Painter Peter Daverington masterfully merges new school and old school aesthetic in his latest solo exhibition, Iconophilia. Placing graffiti characters beside noblemen and cherubs under one tattered and worn motif, Daverington creates a destructive dichotomy that speaks to art history, art development and art preservation.

We visited The Lodge Gallery just an hour before the opening reception and Daverington, humbly dressed in a vintage henley shirt with a pair of sharp trousers and suspenders, was calm, cool and collected—a rarity for most artists who are just moments away from the debut of their solo exhibition. The pieces themselves are pretty self-explanatory but we still tapped Daverington on the shoulder and asked him to give us more depth on Iconophilia and the visual narrative it provides in regards to the future of art.

Iconophilia is on display until October 11th at The Lodge Gallery (131 Chrystie Street).








quiet-lunch-peter-daverington-iconophila_02 quiet-lunch-peter-daverington-iconophila_03



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