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Daisuke Yokota‘s Backyard is a dark but ethereal series that ventures deep into the wilderness of modern day civilization. The black and white photography is ghostly and almost iridescent. Shadowy figures dance in the night air but the trees stand still as if they were deer caught in the headlights.

Quiet_Lunch_Daisuke Yokota_backyard_01 Quiet_Lunch_Daisuke Yokota_backyard_25 Quiet_Lunch_Daisuke Yokota_backyard_21 Quiet_Lunch_Daisuke Yokota_backyard_17 Quiet_Lunch_Daisuke Yokota_backyard_14 Quiet_Lunch_Daisuke Yokota_backyard_07 Quiet_Lunch_Daisuke Yokota_backyard_06 Quiet_Lunch_Daisuke Yokota_backyard_05 Quiet_Lunch_Daisuke Yokota_backyard_04 Quiet_Lunch_Daisuke Yokota_backyard_03

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