Tricky White Rabbit.

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Painter Hillary White gives her own interpretation of the classics. Revamping such paintings as “Portrait of a Man”, “Temptation of Christ”, and “Girl in a Japanese Kimono”, White adds an odd historical authenticity to pop culture. Get these and other prints → here. ←

"Captain Creeper" - Based on The British (English) School's "Captain Sollit".

“Captain Creeper” – Based on The British (English) School’s “Captain Sollit”.

"Duke R2-D2" - Based on on Francois-Xavier Fabre's "Portrait Of A Man"

“Duke R2-D2” – Based on on Francois-Xavier Fabre’s “Portrait Of A Man”

"Temptation of Robin" - Based on on Ary Scheffer's "Temptation of Christ"

“Temptation of Robin” – Based on on Ary Scheffer’s “Temptation of Christ”

"Kimono Monster" - Based on William Merritt Chase's "Girl In A Japanese Kimono"

“Kimono Monster” – Based on William Merritt Chase’s “Girl In A Japanese Kimono”

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