Dude Looks Like a Cat Lady.

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Men are beholden to a certain crop of unspoken rules–especially when it comes to their manhood. It can be very restricting at times, moments will arise where they have to question whether or not they are being man enough. For example, is it okay to buy three cats within one week? Does that still make you a man or a cat lady? Will they still get laid or do they have to choose between feline admiration and celibacy?

Teaming up with Abrams Books, Michael Showalter eases men’s cat loving fear with Guys Can Be Cat Ladies Too: A Guidebook for Men and Their Cats. Fortified with humor and helpful facts, Guys Can Be Cat Ladies Too will be available this Fall. Pre-order it today!

Courtesy of Abram Books.

Courtesy of Abram Books.


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