Give Me Some Head Pops Up in Tribeca.

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David “Mr.StarCity” White has finally brought the critically acclaimed solo exhibition, Give Me Some Head, to the States! But, staying true to his showman nature, White only gave us the tip of the iceberg with a special two day pop up in Tribeca. If you missed it, don’t fret because we were there and we’re here with the review.

Having recently shown the series overseas, White collaborated with One Art Space and ATO Gallery for a humble homecoming that drew in a crowd from all over the city. Give Me Some Head is the newest body of work by White and the show included limited edition, four large scale lollipop head portraits, a group of limited wooden lollipop head pieces, limited edition tees, collectible books and two never-before-seen fiberglass lollipop head sculptures. We were fortunate enough to catch up with the New York based painter who was happy to shed some light the series and the pop up.

About the series…

“The Give Me Some Head series is a self portrait inspire by my poetry. I start off every painting with a poem. The poem inspire the painting. The crossed mouths… sometimes you have to let silence guide your mind. So, you should not talk about but be about it. And in this series, since I wrote the poem from my mind and I painted the painting with my hands, I spoke no words. It was just thoughts and paint. That is what this series is about.”

On bringing Give Me Some Head to the States…

“This show has been touring. It has to L.A.. It’s been in the San Francisco art fair… New York has been requesting the show, so I decided to bring a few pieces back. I hooked with ATO Gallery and we started planning the pop with has been amazing. We had a great crowd opening night. I feel blessed.”

If you missed the pop up, no worries! Simply contact the artist via his website!

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