The Pie Hole: A Thriller of a Chiller.

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Photo Courtesy of Delish.

Cool your britches and your palate with this delicious Cucumber-Lemonade Chiller that’s satisfying enough to have it’s own table at your next party. Using the freshest ingredients you can find, this gin and rosemary-infused cocktail is the best thirst quencher you could want simply because the lemonade is like an homage to the summers of your childhood’s past.


3 large cucumbers
1 tablespoon(s) chopped fresh rosemary, plus 4 sprigs for garnish
1 cup(s) water
6 ounce(s) (3/4 cup) gin
1/2 cup(s) lemon juice
3 tablespoon(s) agave syrup


Cut 12 thin slices of cucumber for garnish.

Peel and chop the rest of the cucumber; transfer to a food processor, add rosemary, and puree. Pour the puree through a fine-mesh strainer set over a medium bowl or large measuring cup. Press on the solids to extract all the juice.

Add water, gin, lemon juice, and agave syrup to the cucumber juice; stir until the agave is dissolved.

Divide among 4 ice-filled glasses. Garnish with cucumber slices and rosemary sprigs.

The Divvy Up.↓

 4 Servings.

This recipe is courtesy of Eating Well.

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