A Thousand Words.

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“I am Crossing an Ocean, With 2 Others On a Piece Of Paper” by Annie Vought.

Annie Vought has an infatuation with text. Her paper cut letters are skeletons of found handwritten notes and letters, carved out with an Exact-o knife. Despite it’s delicate nature, Vought’s works are a visual demonstration of the long-lasting strength of words.

“I Am Sorry. No No” by Annie Vought.

Vought’s patience and precision in etching out each leaf of paper is as if she is exposing her bones to her audience. The vulnerability of the pieces is a beautiful display of how thousands of words–literally–can sometimes speak more than a simple picture.

“Get Out of Study Hall” by Annie Vought.

“Study Hall” close up. (All Photos Courtesy of Annie Vought)



  1. That is awesome. I like the “I am sorry” piece the most. Something about it.

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