Caring About Your Body: 5 Easy Ways to Show Your Body That You Care.

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I’m not a vegan. Not even a vegetarian. Hell, I don’t even believe in the ‘meatless Monday’ mantra that most Veg Heads are trying to get carnivores to begin practicing.

But I can agree wholeheartedly with one thing these groups believe in: caring for your body. Here’s 5 easy ways to easily do just that and maybe even prolong your life — or at the very least shed a few pounds!

Stay Hot in the Summer, Stay Cold in the Winter.↓

Hmm, you probably read that line thinking, “What??? That doesn’t seem healthy.” However, studies have shown that people have a smaller appetite when the air temperature is warmer, and burn more calories when it’s cooler. So, make a small change: leave the air conditioner off during these hot summer days, and be a little stingy when raising the thermometer in the winter. Your gas and electric bills probably won’t be the only thing reflecting a smaller number.

Take Care of Your Teeth.↓

It’s something we all hear from our dentist’s during our twice a year check-up (which you SHOULD be going to, and if not, at LEAST annually). Brushing at least twice a day and flossing are a necessity. Your mouth is a mirror of your health. Any disease related to the mouth will undoubtedly impact everywhere else in your body.

Get Some Sleep.↓

I’m sure mostly everyone reading this is probably thinking, ‘pttfff sleep – I can function on 5 hours or less. I’ll sleep when I’m dead!’ Well, that might be sooner rather than later if you keep up that nocturnal lifestyle. The hard partying lifestyle of crawling into bed when the sun comes up and then popping back up by 9am to make it to work WILL catch up to you. Studies have consistently shown that sleep plays a vital role in promoting physical health, longevity and emotional well- being. The recommended hours of sleep per night is 7-8 hours.

Take Your Vitamins.↓

It should come as no surprise that hardly anyone gets all the vitamins and nutrients they need in diet alone. Sometimes you need that extra boost from a multi-vitamin to get your daily recommended dose. Want a little secret? Taking an omega 3-supplement daily will give you glowing skin, fight stress and reduce inflammation in the body.

Drink More Water.↓

Water is key to any diet. Not only is it cost friendly, but it’s great for losing weight; most times when you think you’re hungry, you’re really just thirsty. Water also helps in digestion by raising your metabolism. Proper hydration also keeps your joints and muscles lubricated so you suffer less cramps and sprains. Find it too bland? Slice up some fruits like lemon, cucumber or strawberries for natural

Try incorporating at least one of these tips into your lifestyle this week and I guarantee you’ll start to see results. Caring about our bodies can be a lot easier than we think. Remember, we only get one a lifetime, so try and make this one as fit and hot as possible!

Written by Jessica Manning.↓

Jessica Manning (n.): fitness Nazi, closet carb junkie, sugar-free.

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