Brother Vellies. | Spring/Summer 2014 Collection.

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Brother Vellies‘ Spring/Summer 2014 collection is now available for pre-order. Founded in collaboration with Creative Director, Aurora James, Brothers Vellies is a shoe company based in the coastal town of Swakopmund, Namibia. Their proto-desert boots, known as Velskoen or “vellies,” are made from vegetable-dyed Kudu leather–a practice condoned by Namibian government as a method of controlling the native antelope’s population .

Already known for their culturally festive designs, Brother Vellies continues to turn heads with signature handcraftsmanship and eye catching aesthetics. Head over to their marketplace and check out the new collection.

Courtesy of Brother Vellies.

Checker. | Courtesy of Brother Vellies.

Courtesy of Brother Vellies.

Woven Erongo. | Courtesy of Brother Vellies.

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