Quiet Lunch Magazine ‡ January 4th, 2012. – January 18th, 2012.

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Happy Newish Year! The fiscal cliff has been evaded–we think–and the year is ripe with that New Year smell! As some of our readers may have noticed, some things have changed here around Quiet Lunch. For instance, our cover underwent a neat redesign, our new issue day is now on Friday, and every member of the staff has switched genders–okay, only two of those things are true, but you get the point. Our hiatus is through, and we’re looking forward to another 12 months of awesome goodness. We couldn’t be happier!

Our first issue of the year sees an interview with Michael Moskowitz, CEO and Founder of The Bureau of Trade; The First Act highlights Midnight Poncho; our Senior Editor, Bim Star takes us on a journey through Fuerza Bruta; we review Pro Era’s Peep The aPROcalypse; and Glenford Nunez presents us with his ode to photographer, Sarah Moon.

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Quiet Lunch Staff.

Stay Tuned!

NaShish Scott/Quiet Lunch Magazine.

NaShish Scott/Quiet Lunch Magazine.


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