Now Rather Than Later. | Be Here Now at Poppington.

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David Barnett‘s solo exhibition, Be Here Now, is currently up at Poppington Gallery in the Lower East Side. Curated by David Chang, Derrick B. Harden, and Justin Korkidis, Be Here Now is a collection of new works taken from Barnett’s upcoming graphic novel, Green Sky. He also features some additional pieces, all boasting lively linework,  rich color, and an undercurrent of surrealistic conceptualism.

Be Here Now is a rare moment in the spotlight for Barnett. Although he is best known as the Creative Director of Poppington and for his work with artists like Curren$y, The Diplomats, and Erykah Badu, this show sees Barnett establishing himself as an artist who is ready to make his creative presence felt.

The exhibition runs through June 19th. Be sure to stop by!

All Photos Courtesy of Michael Della Polla | Quiet Lunch Magazine.

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