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Ben Giles: Making Life Work(s).

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Perusing through the gallery of Ben Giles, a Pop artist from Suffolk, England, one cannot help but to be blown away.  Specifically speaking of his collage work, the imagery is abstract, surreal,  & appealing.  He utilizes choice images with mixed medias to assemble his masterpieces.  His manner of collectively unifying these elements to emote his artistic train of thought is …

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The Importance of Eating Organic.

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Organic is a word that many of us are familiar with. While shopping at the local grocery store, you come across a gallon of milk that is labeled “organic.” It’s minutely more expensive than your typical standard whole milk.  At the moment, the extra dollar doesn’t seem appealing to pay.  “Isn’t all food created equal?” you may ask.  The truth of the matter …

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I Left My He(Art) in San Francisco.

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San Francisco, world renowned “City by the Bay”; a place that can truly captivate one’s senses. Located in Northern California, it is the chief center of finance and cultural affairs for the region. The geography of the city is breathtaking. The homes are dotted atop hills that seem to go on as far as the eye can see. The views …