AFROPUNK. | A Retrospective by Ennis Chung.

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AFROPUNK is one of today’s most popular music festivals and with great popularity comes great risk of overexposure. The were some murmurs of AFROPUNK “selling out” this year and with that is mind, we teamed up with photographer Ennis Chung to get a festival goers point of view and determine whether or not this was indeed true.

Our focus was not the music but the vibe. Folks who attend often referred to AFROPUNK as “our Woodstock” and we wanted to know if it still had that feel.

Armed with an open heart, a camera and a fresh roll of film, Chung proved that the warm, fuzzy underbelly of AFROPUNK still exists in just a few intimate flicks.


Ennis Chung is a young photographer who specializes in 35mm film.
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