ROX Will ROCK You.

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After the highly successful exhibition, Who Shot Natalie White?, the ROX is following up with yet another dynamic show titled, ROCK|THEM. Featuring a star-studded roster that includes Dee & Ricky, Jordan Doner, Mimosa Echard, Jesse Edwards, Walker Fee, Erik Foss, Charlotte Foyle, Mr. Gif, Jules Kim, Alex Markwith, Andrea Mary Marshall, Ryan Mcginley, Natacha Merritt, Mint & Serf, IliGili Non Nom, Clayton Patterson, John Platt, Jonathan Rosen, Bill Santen, Robert Schwan, Bogdan Stroe, Sam Trioli, Ventiko, Lina Viktor, Andy Warhol, Jay West and familiar face, Natalie White.

Jordan Doner, "Luxury Explosion with Murakami Cerises," 2009-2013.

Jordan Doner, “Luxury Explosion with Murakami Cerises,” 2009-2013.

A group exhibition,  ROCK|THEM confronts our need to acquire acceptance, admiration, and love through material gain. Here, “ROCK” represents any material item that we use to make ourselves stand out, “THEM” being the receivers of our projected self image, those we strive to impress. ROCK| THEM isn’t just a display of eclectic artwork, it is an examination of wants and ideals. Opening reception is tomorrow night at 7 pm at THE ROX. The exhibition will from May 29th- June 30th, 2013.

John Platt, "Vanishing Point," Oil on Canvas, 2013.

John Platt, “Vanishing Point,” Oil on Canvas, 2013.

Andrea Mary- Marshall, "Self Portrait as the Virgin Surrogate: The Bride in Chanel," Oil on Canvas, 2011.

Andrea Mary- Marshall, “Self Portrait as the Virgin Surrogate: The Bride in Chanel,” Oil on Canvas, 2011.

Natacha Merrit, "Botanist Landscape," 2013.

Natacha Merrit, “Botanist Landscape,” 2013.


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