Bigger and Better Things. | Amit Naamani.

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Born in Tel Aviv, mixed media artist Amit Naamani produces pieces that have a graceful static. Whether it is a painting or collage, he manages to capture this harmonious chaos that captivates the eye. We spoke with the young creative who share with us his inspiration as well as his aspirations.

“My work is a collage of text, colors, abstract marks, images that I find and paper. I have been working inside my sketchbooks for a couple of years now, and I’m slowly moving towards bigger pieces. I love working both digitally and by hand, using photoshop or just tearing out real paper and using real glue.
As I see it, real layers or digital layers are inside of my work—and the layers of my thoughts from my everyday life. I am trying to use all my inspiration: music that I listen to, books that I read… I’m trying to put all of that into my work. Like I said, at the moment I am still using sketchbooks and random papers I have. But I feel that the organic development of my work is to become bigger, explore things on a bigger scale.
Some of my biggest inspirations are artists like Basquiat, FAILE and Wes Lang. I want to continue exploring and working on my ideas, motives that I have in my head, and see where it takes me and my art. After studying here and being here in Tel Aviv for too long, my biggest dream at the moment is to travel, explore the world and have a studio in New York or California; meet interesting people and other artists.”
– Amit Naamani