TOP 10 Posts of 2016.

In The Menu, Visual Arts by Quiet Lunch

Last year I began our Top 10 yearly recap with a reference to the surprising rise of the man who would eventually become our new president elect… and they say lightning doesn’t strike in the same place twice. Once again we find ourselves in the year of Trump and with the next four years looming over our collective heads like a saturated thundercloud primed to shower us with “WTFs,” the end of the Trump era is far off in distance. Nonetheless, life goes on and in no way are we going to sulk over provocative millionaires and the convoluted process that is politics.

All things considered, Quiet Lunch isn’t aloof to the dynamics of tomorrow but we are confident that art will see us through. Many are convinced that we will need the arts now more than ever. “Desperate” times call for desperate measures and what better way to document our existence at length than through art? It will translate our joy, our grief, our triumphs and struggles—and we, the documenters, will continue to keep our fingers on the pulse and bring you creative sustenance daily. Cheers to the future and hearty farewell to the past; gone but not forgotten.