A Look Back at The Surrealist Ball.

In The Menu, Visual Arts by Quiet Lunch

It’s Throwback Thursday and because the year is so young, we decided to access our most recent awesome memory and that is… drumroll, please… The Surrealist Ball at The Roxy Hotel!

Packed to the rafters with creative costumes and good vibes, the 2nd Annual Surrealist Ball was an event not to be missed. Notable guests included Kenny Kenny as well as co-host Muffinhead and his troupe, designer Max Steiner–not to mention a special performance by Buster Poindexter. Quiet Lunch was also a host that night, along with the lovely Lori Zimmer of Art Nerd. Check out some of scenes from that night courtesy of BFA and Zach Hilty:

Anna Kaiser, Francois Gonhatahn, Teresa De La Haba, Gregory De La Haba

Lori Zimmer

David Johansen