Acrylic Reaction. | Jana Styblova.

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Conjuring nebulous forms of acrylic, Jana Styblova marries art and science into one intriguing aesthetic. Acrylic Reaction is a beautiful experiment. Styblova combines paint with other chemicals and lets the chemistry go to work.


Because of her relatively hands-off approach, Styblova mostly creates these pieces through observation. Although she does initiate the chain reaction, she fully embraces the concept of happenstance. The works almost looks celestial; akin to the Big Bang.  Styblova explains the process and concept behind the series:

“An on-going experiment utilizing acrylic and chemicals to form ephemeral paintings in small containers. Macro-photographs celebrate the small universes created in unexpected places, while exploring the dissociation of the artist and the final creation: They are not my paintings, simply, I am documenting chemistry.”

– Jana Styblova

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