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I hopped off the T in Cleveland Circle last Friday night and headed to Roggie’s Bar to see a band I had only heard of the day before: Yogurt Smoothness. The experimental rock duo came to my attention via Twitter when they contacted me about their Boston show and sent me some music. Now, there is simply too much music in the world to hear it all, but when a band reaches out to me, I always make the effort to listen.

Irene Holy | Quiet Lunch Magazine.

Irene Holy | Quiet Lunch Magazine.

After watching and enjoying their new music video for the song, “Glazed,” featured below for your viewing pleasure, I decided to spend my Friday night seeing them play. And I am damn pleased with that decision, despite having missed the last T of the night after the show and having to walk nearly six miles back to my apartment at one in the morning. #GoodTimes.

Hailing from the humid peninsular state of Florida, Dan and Brian are a spirited duo who have been playing together for about seven years. Roggie’s was a surprisingly fun venue with its performance space that has the feel of a basement show, though you would be hard-pressed to find a basement show that maintains a forty-two tap bar.

On a dimly lit stage next to the bar, Yogurt Smoothness played a forty-five minute set, including songs from their latest album called, Heavy Cream. Despite the occasional microphone fail, their set went very smoothly and brought the small but attentive crowd to their feet and totally engaged with the crunchy tunes blaring from the sound system.

While it may seem unusual for a rock band to lack a bass player, Yogurt Smoothness still achieves a heavy sound that is expected of the rock genre. The band has come to describe their genre classification as “cement,” which, for those familiar with the various rock genres and their experimental offspring, is a relatively new term that has yet to be really shaped and explored. Count on Yogurt Smoothness to be the conquistadors there.

Yogurt Smoothness are currently on tour and promoting the aptly titled album, Heavy Cream, which is available for purchase and download on their bandcamp page. You can also pick up a hard copy at any of their upcoming shows listed below.




Oct 3 Orlando, FL @ Will’s Pub w/ Portals, Caribou King, Grey Market

Oct 4 Gainesville, @ Mars w/ 8Track Automatic

Oct 5 Atlanta, GA @ House Show tba w/ pillage and plunder, slambo

Oct 6 Clarksville, TN @ The Coup w/ Vela Ceras

Oct 7 Asheville, NC @ The Apothecary w/ TEAM, Church Jerks

Oct 8 Raleigh, NC @ Slims Downtown w/ Bird Step

Oct 9 Rochester, NY @ The Bug Jar w/ tba

Oct 10 Brooklyn, NY @ The Flat w/ lost coves, goodnight darlings

Oct 11 Boston, MA @ Roggies w/ the scimitar (ex black piramid)

Oct 12 tba

Oct 13 Hartford, CT @ house show tba w/ stone titan

Oct 14 tba

Oct 15 Providence, RI @Dusk w/ tba

Oct 16 NJ @ house show w/ Space Drugs

Oct 17 New London, CT @ el n gee club w/ tba

Oct 18 Brooklyn, NY @ Close Encounters

Oct 19 Atlantic City, NJ @ The Boneyard

Oct 20 tba

Oct 21 tba

Oct 22 Columbus, OH @ Tree Bar w/ pegasister

Oct 23 tba 

Oct 24 Athens, GA @ The MAX

Oct 25 Saint Augustine, FL @ Panama Hatties w/ artilect, the groynoodle

Oct 26 Orlando, FL @ Uncle Lous w/ Holly Hunt


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