William S. Burroughs Turns 100 at Munch Gallery.

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Had William Seward Burroughs lived, he would be celebrating his 100th birthday this week. But let’s not get caught up in the couldas and wouldas, we are happy to find out that Munch Gallery will be celebrating the writer’s legacy by holding a special 24 hour reading. Starring Marshall Weber (who has been doing these specific types of marathon readings since 1994), the event will feature a marathon reading of the 60s Cut-up Trilogy – Soft Machines, The Ticket That Exploded, and Nova Express.

Attendees are urged to get comfortable and bring food, pillows, sleeping bags, and yoga mats. Reading starts tonight at midnight. You can stay for a couple of minutes or a couple of hours—either way, be sure to stop by! Find out more info → HERE! ←.

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