Who’s Your Caddy?

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Now, we’re only going to say (or type?) this once–warning, you will do one of two things afterwards: jump out of an eight story window or suck your teeth in disbelief. Okay here is goes… Kanye West is giving away a 2013 two-door Cadillac convertible.

We shit you not! Simply follow the directions on Kanye’s Facebook page and a winner will be picked at random! If it’s a hoax, you get one free gut punch one the house.

Courtesy of Cadillac.

Courtesy of Cadillac.


  1. Here’s how hard this hoax is to detect: Go to Cadillac’s page. Tell us how many 2013 model two-door convertibles Cadillac offers. Hint: that thing in the photo isn’t one, and there are no others.

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