We Are All Cheaters!

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We are a society of cheaters throwing stones at a glass house. Are we not? When we think of cheaters we think of people who are polygamous and live life being deceitful towards others while basking in the glory of those who love and trust them. These people have no conscious and are selfish. Current poster boy for this is ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’, Stevie J. He’s the man we love to hate, ‘he’s riding around and gett’n it’ for sure.

Research find that lots of people cheat a little bit; very, very few people cheat a lot.

As long as the reason we are cheating is small enough to still allows us to feel good about ourselves, we go for it. It all depends on the punishment, we will not steal and cheat if it means we can go to jail, or lose our loved ones. It all depends on the risk level. Very few people in our society take those big risks. We believe that not everyone is a cheater, that there are only but a few SLIGHTLY BAD APPLES. Not so true.We live in a society filled with cheaters who percieve cheating based on society itself.

In a world where everyone cheats, how do you single yourself out? Hmm… How about Sunday’s crossword puzzle? Have you ever googled an answer?  Everyone is guilty of some type of deception. Don’t concentrate on the tax evaders, a la, Wesley Snipes or the likes of Beanie Siegel. Let’s look at it on a smaller scale. How about stealing pens from the office, paper, etc.? It seems innocent enough and we find ways to justify it. IT’S STILL A CHEAT!

We further justify it by thinking ‘just this one time.’ — no such thing.  It may seem easy enough to just a take a pen from the office or a few pens; however when we get away with it, we get a chemical release and the chances of it happening again are much more likely. Cheating is contagious. The same chemicals one releases when one steals that pen, or cheats once on that diet, is the same way a serial man/woman cheats. JUST ONE MORE TIME, JUST ONE MORE HIT. One infidelity will lead to the next infidelity, it’s SERIAL.

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