Seeing the (un)SCENE.

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Armory Week was an edifying blur. Between Scope, Volta, Pulse and the actual Armory Show, this year’s fair goers were being pulled in all sorts of directions. But while these staple fairs strove, there were some newcomers that made some unique noise of their own. (un)SCENE, a young fair located just a few blocks from the Armory Show, was one of the charming anti-art shows that made this week interesting.

We absolute adored the other fairs but there was something refreshingly organic and artistically ambitious about (un)SCENE. The atmosphere was comfortable and easy to absorb. The staff worked wonders with the space, knocking down walls and excavating through three-inch thick dust and dirt.

Some awesome works were on display, including Jason Hackenwerth’s balloon sculpture which served as a delightful portal through which attendees entered the show. Others standout works included the archival pieces of Jackie Mock, bold portraits by Niloufar Banisadr and an enchanting mixed media sculpture by Monika Weiss. There was also an opening night performance by TunanuT and an innovative week long performance by artist—and first human cyborg!—Neil Harbisson.





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